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Years of experience: 13

Expertise: Speed painting, with the fastest and steadiest hands in the industry watch her wow guest with her speed and precise face painting skills.

I has been face painting for over 12 years and I have a great love for the art form.
With my many years of experience I can paint faces in 4 minutes or less, most faces averaging about 3 minutes, without losing the quality of the design.The fastest face I've painted is a dragon in 24 seconds! You can see by my line work and design quality that I'm different from the rest of the face painters in the industry and can give each person a quality face painting with a positive lasting impression.
 I am very comfortable in an environment where there are numerous guest interactions with high standards.  I'm  always reliable, responsible, friendly and outgoing. I l love to paint faces and view it as a truly rewarding experience. I hopes to bring my talent to your next event for your guests to enjoy.

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Your guest deserve the best service in the industry, we focus on making each and every guest interaction friendly and memorable.                     


All of our artist are formally trained in the art of face and body painting. With every stroke of our paintbrushes we deliver the highest quality face and body art.      

​ Art 

We strive to create stunning face painting designs and body art for all of our clients events and needs. You can see by our designs and quality we set our selves apart for the other artist in the industry.                 

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Face Painting in Winter Garden


Years of experience: 6

Expertise: Cuteness, Julz has a knack for coming up with some of the cutest face painting designs. She will melt your guest heart with her art.

 I have been face painting since 2009. Face painting started as just a job for me, but it has become part of who I am. It brings me joy to see the smiles of those whom I transform. A smile of appreciation, the excitement to take lots of pictures or just playing the role you were painted just makes my day. My philosophy when it comes to getting your face painted is you're never too old and every one has their own style. I constantly try to improve technique, trying to learn from my peers and believe that practice doesn't make perfect, but gets you really close. My specialty is definitely cuteness, but I have years of experience and vast knowledge of doing a variety of designs. If I don't know something, I am not afraid to look it up and try my best. I am almost always up for a challenge and enjoy the unusual.

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We are able to provide some of the fastest face painting around. With the ability to paint  faces in 3 minuets or less without compromising the quality. Each butterfly pictured below was painted within 2 minuets